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AllPhotographyCourses is a part of Hobbiamo, a startup that empowers you to explore your passion. Let’s find the answer you’re looking for. 

If you need further assistance, contact us here: service@allphotographycourses.com. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Participants / Students FAQ

What is AllPhotographyCourses?

AllPhotographyCourses is the ultimate website to find all photography courses, schools, workshops and tours. We list all the photography courses, workshops and tours in your area so you can just choose the one you really want. 

Do I need to create an account?

No, anyone can look through the website to join a course without creating an account. But if you teach photography, you can become our partner and enjoy all the benefits of using our website.

Is AllPhotographyCourses free?

It’s completely free to use our features and browse through all the photography listings to your heart’s content. You will only have to pay the photography course you want to join directly with your teacher.

Are only photography courses available here?

To enrich your photography knowledge and skills, we provide listings for workshops and tours. There are also numerous photoshop lessons to choose from. We constantly update our listings so keep an eye out for that one course, workshop or tour you’ve always wanted to join.

Will I be learning online or in person?

All the lessons are in person. You will meet your teacher for a hands-on photography session to have a richer learning experience. 

How do I find the perfect course/workshop/tour for me?

It brings a smile to our face when our users finally found a course that makes them ecstatic to use the camera. Use our search feature to narrow down your options to that perfect course, workshop or tour you’ve been looking for. 

You can search based on your skills, city, dates or a combination of all that. Go ahead and give it a try

How can I join a course?

All the lessons are in person. You will meet your teacher for a hands-on photography session to have a richer learning experience. 

Not sure if I want to join yet…

No pressure, if you still have questions about a photography course you can always send them an inquiry. Ask about the price, location, time, bringing a pet – anything that you have on your mind.

Can I book a course for a friend or as a gift?

Of course you can! Please note that you need to check the teacher’s terms and conditions before doing so. Let them know that you’re booking the course for a friend through your inquiry. Clear communication will help the teacher prepare their course smoothly and your friend can have an awesome session.

I need to reschedule / cancel my session

Please send an inquiry to your teacher through our website if you would like to reschedule / cancel a photography session.

I would like a refund

In case you would like a refund, send an inquiry to your teacher through our website. Every teacher will have their own policy. Let us know if you ever need help.

Can I save a course to join at a later date?

Currently we don’t have the feature to save a course but it is on our radar for future development. Please save the URL of the course or contact service@allphotographycourses.com if you need help finding a photography lesson.

Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter for the newest photography courses, workshops and tours in your area.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

We’ll miss you!

To unsubscribe you can reach out to Rizka, Putri or Stephan at service@allphotographycourses.com.

Send us an email with your name and the email address that you want to unsubscribe.

If you ever want to have the newsletter back in your inbox, you can always drop us a message.

Teachers FAQ

What is AllPhotographyCourses?

AllPhotographyCourses.com is a photography platform founded by Stephan Kruger. He was looking for a photography course but found out he couldn’t pick one that best fits his needs. After chatting with other photography enthusiasts and photography tutors, Stephan developed allphotographycourses.com to better match students with tutors based on their interests, skills or location and help out tutors to better connect with more students.

AllPhotographyCourses dreams to make it easier for you to become the photographer you want to be. Making the world a more beautiful place one photo at a time.

AllPhotographyCourses is a platform where we connect photography enthusiasts with photography teachers.

What does AllPhotographyCourses actually do?

We help students and tutors to easily connect, by promoting courses online and making it easy to get all the right information. Students looking for new courses / workshops / tutors / tours can easily find the course and send a request to join. 

How does AllPhotographyCourses work?

We selected photography / photo editing courses across New Zealand that we believe our customers are interested in and that will help develop the photography community. We promote these courses on our website and make sure they get improved search results.

When a student sends an inquiry to join your course, we will personally help you to make sure everything is running smoothly and you can focus on running your courses.

How do I stay in control of my courses?

Of course you are in full control of your courses

  • You decide if you want to take on the students or not
  • You may ask us to edit or remove your listing anytime
  • You can decide where the courses are located, the price, private/in group, etc.

You can communicate with your students through email. Just CC our email service@allphotographycourses.com so we can always help you out.

I’ve never submitted my course on your website, why is my course listed on your website?

Our purpose is to help connect students to the best photography courses in New Zealand. So if your course is listed, then we believe that you’re offering valuable skills to aspiring photographers.

And we expect that your courses will be of great interest to our customers.

Of course, if you do not feel comfortable, you can always reach us on service@allphotographycourses.com to change or remove your listing.

Sounds great, but I am missing my courses on your site?

Are you missing your courses on our website and you believe you would be a great match for our customers. Please send us an email on service@allphotographycourses.com with your name, contact details and the URL (if any of your courses) and we will list your course, if we like it as much as you do.

Can I become a  member allphotographycourses.com?

Of course! Send us an email on service@allphotographycourses.com with your contact details and we will make you a member. As a member you will get awesome benefits :). And the best thing is membership is free forever. 

Benefits as a member:

  1. Priority support from us whenever you need.
  2. Higher rank for your course on our website and gain more exposure.
  3. Free promotion on our website.

Can I offer both private and group courses?

All types of photography courses are allowed to be listed here. So if you are open for a one-on-one course, a group course or a tour, you are more than welcome to list those on our website.

Just contact us on service@allphotographycourses.com and we will set it up for you.

My course is cancelled, how do I refund my students?

You can email your students directly for the refund. If you need anything, we can also contact your student through phone or email to inform them of the cancellation and refund.

How much is the fee if I get a successful booking?

The fee is only 10% based on the full price of your course. No hidden fees, premium fee, or whatsoever. You are only charged if your student successfully booked your course.

How do you deal with copyright of photographs I submit?

We understand that copyright is very important for you. All pictures that belong to you will only be used for your content and only if you share it with us and give us permission to use it. Copyright will of course remain with you, but we might need to alter them to fit the dimensions of our website.

For further information, please check our Terms of use.

I saw you listed my course as flexible. What does it mean?

We found out that many teachers are not updating the dates of their courses regularly. We set your course as flexible when there are no more available dates. That way, you will still receive inquiries of enthusiasts and you can discuss with the student when the course will take place again.

However, if you already have the date, contact us and we will change the course’s date straight away. Or if you’re to not run not this course in the future, we will delete the listing for sure.

Can I list a course in more than one city?

Yes, you can list your course in several cities in New Zealand. We will create a separate listing for each city. This will make it super easy for people who live in different cities to find your course.

I’m not happy with my listing. I want you to change it.

Sure, there’s always room for improvement (including pictures). Send us an email service@allphotographycourses.com and we will make the necessary changes.

Can I get a link back through your website?

Putting a link back on our website is not possible at the moment. 

I want you to list my course on your website

Simply send us an email here service@allphotographycourses.com. Please attach the link of your course and specific requirements if necessary. We will create the best listing for you and inform you once it’s up on our website.

Can I edit / remove my listing?

Yes of course, no worries! Just contact us service@allphotographycourses.com and we will remove it.

A student booked my course through your platform! How do I pay the fee? 

You will receive an invoice after the course is complete. Payment can be done through a bank transfer.

My course is virtual, can I still be listed on your website?

For sure! As long as it’s a real-time course (offline or online such as Skype), then it’s possible to be listed on our website. 

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