Tips for Teaching Nature Photography to Kids

It’s never too early for kids to learn something new. They’re like sponges, soaking in every information around them.

But can kids learn photography? Absolutely. Teaching kids photography can help them find their passion. It’s also a fun hobby.

Kids who love to see the world through the lens will find nature photography exciting. There are so many wonders to see in the open spaces. Teaching nature photography to kids will also help them appreciate the world. Isn’t that beautiful?

Here are some tips that you can apply in your photography classes:

1. Explore places with lots of animals

Start teaching nature photography to kids effectively by engaging them in your lessons. There are various subjects in nature that kids can photograph. But most kids love animals.

So take the kids out to the zoo. They will be able to meet many interesting animals that they don’t often see in nature.

Other places to explore are farms or parks. Kids can photograph grazing cattle, hopping rabbits or lambs on the hills. If you happen to live in New Zealand, here are some places you can visit in Auckland.

While exploring these places, kids can interact with animals. It increases their love for nature and photography. Seeing them love what they do is the fun part of teaching nature photography to kids.

2. Photograph animals in motion

Animals are constantly moving from one place to another in nature. It’s a perfect exercise for your photography classes. The kids can aim to photograph animals in motion.

Challenge them to take pictures of a flying bird, a scuttling squirrel or a dog jumping in mid-air. This will push your budding photographers to stay active.

They can also learn more about their cameras. Trying out different modes or shutter speed will help them get that one great shot. 

3. Take pictures of insects and flowers

You don’t need to travel far when you’re teaching nature photography to kids. Find the nearest outdoor space with lots of flowers or insects.

A butterfly is always an appealing subject. The kids can photograph its wings as it’s resting on a flower. This way, they’re learning how to focus on their camera.

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Your budding photographers can also photograph flowers. The ones with vibrant colors are always a pleasure to see. But don’t let the kids ignore dry or dead flowers. They can tell a story too.

4. Photograph in different times of the day

Vary your photography lessons based on different times of the day. Take the kids out to photograph in the morning for a lesson. In the next one, have an afternoon session.

By doing this, you’re helping them to learn about light. A hard light might make a photo too bright. On the other hand, a soft light can help them produce stunning photos.

Let kids play around with light in nature. Soon enough, they will know how to work with it.

5. Spend more time in nature

Have longer hours with your budding photographers in nature by holding a workshop. There will be more time to explore the great outdoors. And they’ll have more chances to ask you questions!

A workshop can be really effective for teaching nature photography to kids. They can meet other photography enthusiasts and help each other out. You can also connect more with your students.

Spending more time in nature is beneficial for you as well. Who knows, you might come up with several creative ideas for your next photography classes. Perhaps teaching one of the photography trends in 2019 to your budding photographers.

Feel free to share your tips for teaching nature photography in the comment section. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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