Photography Trends in 2019

The photography world is ever changing. Keeping up with the trend can be a great source of inspiration. Creativity can strike when you try a new thing! It’s never a bad idea to know what’s currently popular. Expanding your knowledge can help you improve and evolve your style.

As we’re in early 2019, here are some photography trends that you should pay attention to:

1. Drone Photography

Drone photography has been a growing trend for the past few years. But it’s definitely here to stay! Not only are you able to take incredible aerial photographs with a drone, but operating it is also a bonus. It’s different and it’s fun. You get to see the world around you from a thrilling point of view.

Make sure that you’re not getting yourself into trouble by knowing the law of operating a drone in your area. Other than that, join in on the trend and explore the pictures you can produce with a drone.

2. Film Photography

Film photography is taking over in 2019. It’s alive and more people are reaching out for it. With analog cameras, you can’t see the instant result like you do on digital ones. The wait and the process of developing the film is one of the many charms in using analog cameras.

Let’s not forget the ‘happy accidents’ that may occur in the film. You might get surprising effects such as a light leak. Many factors can affect the result of a film. It may not come out the way you expected it but it’s unique and a valuable learning experience.

3. Nature Photography

The great mother nature is a favourite subject among many photographers out there. Are you one of them? Landscape photography never gets old. It’s expected that the trend in nature photography will be bolder, more dramatic and more vivid than ever before.

The pictures may leave you in awe but they’re also here with a mission. Photographers are using various platforms to display their works and bring awareness to the drastic changes in nature. Initiating a conversation around the topic becomes more widespread with a picture and a caption that tells a story.

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4. Flat Lay Photography

Yes, flat lay will still be a photography trend in 2019. You might stumble into some flat lays while scrolling down your endless Instagram feed. What’s the appeal? It’s simple and aesthetically pleasing. There’s also a theme or a story that people want to tell from their picture.

You don’t need much for a flat lay image. In fact, the fewer items there are in the picture, the better. Colour is also an important aspect. Sticking to one or two keeps the image stylish and captivating.

5. 90s Nostalgia Photography

Last but not least, the 90s nostalgia photography. It was a massive photography trend in 2018 and continues to be popular this year. Colour filters and camera grain are reminiscent to that of the 90s. There’s a modern twist to it but the vibe of the 90s remains.

Its influence is everywhere: fashion photography, advertisements, and even videos. Aside from using different types of analog cameras to achieve the 90s look, applications are rolled out for more options and effects to enhance an image.

Photography can be a fun hobby. Trying out different trends can deepen your interest. You can share your skills with other photographers through groups, learning, and teaching in workshops, classes or courses.

What other photography trends do you think we’ll be seeing in 2019? Make your predictions below and check back by the end of the year to see if you hit the mark.

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