Can Kids Learn Photography?

“Photography is the beauty of life captured.” – Tara Chisolm

Perhaps, it’s one of the biggest reasons why people enjoy photography: to capture the beauty that they see. It’s no wonder that people of all ages are attracted to the camera, especially young and curious kids. Wouldn’t you feel the same way when you look at the smiling faces of adults after getting that one perfect shot?

“It’s no wonder that people of all ages are attracted to the camera”

But before you hand out a camera to a kid, you might be asking yourself a very specific question. Can kids learn photography? They absolutely can. There are even cameras designed specifically for them. But many photographers agree that the best time for kids to start learning this skill is when they’re 8 years old.

It’s not something that is set in stone. But when kids hit this age, their interests are growing. Introducing photography will encourage them to explore their world with a camera. Besides that, kids also have these abilities that will help them to use the equipment properly:

  • enough strength to hold a camera
  • shoot steadily
  • awareness for safety
  • patience and focus
  • basic knowledge of math

The most basic way for kids to delve into photography is to give them a simple camera. They can just point, press the button and see the result on screen. When their skills improve, you can start giving them a more advanced camera. As a teacher, you will hold a special role as their guidance since they might pursue this passion as they grow older.

Photography Activities to Try Out

Teaching photography to kids can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. These are some photography activities that you can try out.

1. Take pictures of what they love

Encourage kids to take pictures of the people or the things that they love. Pets, parents, friends or toys are some great choices. Getting into all the technical things about photography is always helpful.

However, you also want them to love what they do. Foster the love of photography through taking pictures of anything that the kids have a special bond with.

2. Use polaroid cameras

These days, there are so many instant Polaroid cameras available to use. Kids will love to use the cameras because of their simple use and variety of colors. What makes those cameras even more appealing is the process, from capturing to waiting for the film to develop.

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It’s always fun to see how the white film slowly turns to colors and forms a complete picture. This can serve as an exercise for your young photography students to be patient. Not all films will come out perfect so kids can also learn to embrace imperfections that they have captured.

3. Shoot things with specific colors

The eyes are easily attracted to colors. So, give your young students the task to shoot things with specific colors.

For instance, they have to take a picture of something red. This will train their eyes to carefully observe their surrounding. Other than that, your young students will also be learning their colors.

4. Photograph from different angles

Another great activity is to let your students photograph from different angles. It will be useful for them to know that you don’t have to capture something from one particular angle only. There are many ways to capture an object.

Your young students will start to understand that there are many perspectives for them to discover. Soon enough, they can an ordinary object into something extraordinary through this knowledge.

5. A shot of daily routine

A daily routine can become boring. But your students can make it interesting through photography. Allow them to capture the small details or activity in their daily routine.

Their perception of a ‘boring every day’ might change through this exercise. Your young students will also realise that with their camera, they can change the way they or the world sees things through pictures.

Teaching kids to learn the wonderful skill of photography is a great accomplishment.

As you inspire them to learn photography, they will pursue their passion and, in turn, inspire other young kids to do the same.

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  1. Great article, it was very helpful! I just started in this and I’m getting to know it better! Cheers, keep up the good work! Photography for kids


    1. Thank you Ellie, good luck!


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